The 911 Turbo T-Shirt by Petro Camp

Porsche 911 Turbo T-Shirt

This is the 911 Turbo T-Shirt by the team at Petro Camp, it’s one of their newer designs and it features blueprints of what is almost certainly the most famous turbocharged sports car in history. Porsche originally developed the Turbo 911 in the early 1970s as a homologation special, they gave it the model number…

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An Affordable Vintage Lamborghini – A 1962 Lamborghini Tractor 2 R

Lamborghini Tractor 2 R

The words “affordable” and “vintage Lamborghini” rarely appear in the same sentence, unless you’re a member of the kind of clubs that have antique Chesterfield sofas and long white pebble driveways. It’s relatively well-known that Ferruccio Lamborghini manufactured tractors before he started building high-end performance cars – partially to vex his rival Enzo Ferrari. The…

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The New Gasoline Culture ⚡ Red Lightning T-Shirt by Silodrome


This is the all-new Gasoline Culture ⚡ Red Lightning t-shirt. The term “Gasoline Culture” was invented by us in 2011 and it proved so popular we had to trademark it to stop people stealing it! We found people selling t-shirts containing the phrase, setting up websites, social media accounts, and one company even started selling bumper stickers. For…

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The Fuel Rally Raid Jacket – A Modern Dakar-Inspired Motorcycle Jacket

Fuel Rally Raid Jacket

With the Dakar Rally currently underway in Saudi Arabia there’s probably no better time to feature the new Rally Raid Jacket from Barcelona-based Fuel Motorcycles. The team at Fuel are all avid motorcyclists, they started out building world-class custom motorcycles, they then founded the annual Scram Africa Rally, and more recently they began developing their…

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